Michelle LaCour

Original Sound Design – ALTAR

Michelle LaCour is an ECMA-nominated and MusicNL award-winning audio engineer and multi-instrumentalist in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador. After earning a Bachelor of Music in piano and historical musicology from Memorial University of Newfoundland, she went on to complete a Masters of Music in sound recording at McGill University. Since completing her studies, Michelle has found work as a recording, mixing, and mastering engineer; as a videographer, producer, and livestream engineer; as a location sound recordist and post-production editor; as a sound designer for theatre and film; as a live sound engineer; and as a Technical Director for various festivals and conferences including the Sound Symposium, Lawnya Vawnya, the Tuckamore Festival, and the 21st Century Guitar. As a keyboardist, accordionist, and electronic musician, Michelle has performed live across Eastern Canada and at festivals including Lawnya Vawnya, Sound Symposium, Folk Fest, and POP Montreal with bands such as Atomic Clock, Spring Var, Tired Wired, Hullo, Wily, The Dandelion Few, and Green & Gold. Current projects include Loopstitch, improvisation-based duo with violist Kate Read that combines excerpts from classical works with loops, electronics, and found sounds; Vainweather, an improvisation-based quartet with Kate, Tiber Reardon, and Benton Roark; and performing as an accordionist with Len O’Neill. Michelle is also an educator, mentoring emerging audio engineers and giving workshops on topics such as location sound recording; music recording, mixing, and mastering; and videography.