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  • Escape

ESCAPE is a themed escape room designed and built by the StageCraft students of TNL’s Sara…h McDonald Youth Theatre Program. The escape room is a 4 player experience, where the players become test subjects in a sinister experiment by the mysterious scientific group, Nova Theatrum. The game begins the moment you register. Once your team is booked in, you are given an orientation package with the first clues to find our mystery location (If you can’t solve the first puzzle, don’t worry, we’ll give you the answer, but we’ll shame you and you’ll miss out on the BONUS). The game lasts 30 minutes, and the team will need to work together to solve puzzles and escape within the allotted time! Do you have the ingenuity and wit to escape? Or will you fall victim to Nova Theatrum’s sinister experiments.

Room is open October 27th -28th from 7pm-10pm

Cost for individuals $10 (if you do not have a team of 4 we will arrange one for you)

Cost for team of 4   $40 (must be paid at time of booking)

To reserve a time please call  (709) 639-7238 space is limited so book fast!

Players under 13 must be accompanied by an adult player.

Getting to Cow Head

This show is part of the Gros Morne Theatre Festival. See Getting to Cow Head for directions to the Warehouse Theatre and Shallow Bay Motel.