S.S. Ethie

Written by Shane Ellis Coates, directed by SaraH McDonald.

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  • S.S. Ethie Photo by Peter Buckle 2014
  • S.S. Ethie Photo by Peter Buckle 2014
  • S.S. Ethie
  • S.S. Ethie
  • S.S. Ethie 2014 season photo
  • S.S. Ethie 2014 season photo

Show Description

Our dinner theatre originally opened at the inaugural Gros Morne Theatre Season in 1996 and has been playing to full houses ever since. The coastal steamer Ethie is docking once again at the Shallow Bay Motel for another wondrous journey back to December 1919 for her final voyage. Join Captain English, Cassie Brown and First Mate Gullage along with the colourful crew as they recreate the tale of how she came to rest on the rocks of Martins Point 95 years ago.

Getting to Cow Head

This show is part of the Gros Morne Theatre Festival. See Getting to Cow Head for directions to the Warehouse Theatre and Shallow Bay Motel.



  • Director: Sara...h McDonald
  • Musical Director: Stephanie Payne
  • Stage Manager: Effie Parsons
  • Set Design: Derek Butt
  • Costume Coordination: Lindsay Code
  • Lighting Coordination: Laura Penney
  • Sound Coordination: Laura Penney

What People Are Saying

The show was excellent, the actors were great and the food was super. This was a very emotional show and true to life, made us feel as though we were on that ship. Gary Butler, Pasadena, NL

A story well told. Amazing-One everyone must see. Claudette Benoit, Burgeo, NL

The actors were so good I thought I was on the shore watching the SS Ethie run aground. Fabulous creative writing and acting. How versatile they were as well-serving dinner and staying in character. Mark & Andrea Doyle, Perth, ON

Excellent show, very enjoyable. A good mix of serious and comedy. Edna Smith, Lethbridge, AB

Excellent show, I'm so glad I stopped by and caught this show. I'm sure to tell more people about this show. Thank you for putting on such a wonderful performance. Rose Yan, Vancouver, BC

Outstanding, emotion was so real, also the characters' action expression was so pronounced. Judy Deckie, ON

Awesome show!! Keep up the awesome job!! See you next year. Kaye House, Daniel's Harbour, NL

Very impressed with talent of all cast-most enjoyable and funny-continue to entertain and delight audiences-you were the highlight of my visit to your wonderful province. Delores Smiley, Falmouth, NS

Very enjoyable. Related to much of the story as my husband fished lobster and cod before receiving the buy back in 1999. Many times I waited for him to return home from fishing. Virginia Darrigon, Corner Brook, NL