Tempting Providence

Written by Robert Chafe, directed by Jillian Keiley

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  • Tempting Providence Photo by Peter Buckle 2014
  • Tempting Providence 2014 season photo
  • Tempting Providence 2014 season photo
  • Tempting Providence 2014 season photo
  • Tempting Providence Photo by Peter Buckle 2014

Show Description

She delivered more than 700 babies, extracted at least 5,000 teeth, set broken limbs, performed kitchen table operations by lamplight and was known throughout Newfoundland and Labrador as “Florence Nightingale of the North.” This is a wonderful heartfelt portrayal of Nurse Myra Bennett who for more than 50 years was the only medical aide along the almost 350 miles of rugged coastline on the Great Northern Peninsula.

Getting to Cow Head

This show is part of the Gros Morne Theatre Festival. See Getting to Cow Head for directions to the Warehouse Theatre and Shallow Bay Motel.



  • Director: Jillian Keiley
  • Stage Manager: Sarah White
  • Set & Props Design: Jillian Keiley
  • Lighting Design: Walter J. Snow
  • Costume Design: Barry Buckle
  • Pre & Post Show Music: Selections from Father of Newfoundland Fiddle Vol. 1

What People Are Saying

Superb!! Very innovative. Great Acting. Pat Connell, Burlington, ON

Brilliant action & story. James Marril, Vancouver, BC

It was really great! Grippingt each cast member was outstanding, especially Marquita Walsh! Learning so much about Western NFLD. One of the top 3 highlights of our 9 days here. Martin & Linda Lensink, St. Catherine's, ON

Tempting Providence is a class act all the way. The cast, without exception, are extremely talented. Madonna Hewitt, St. Shott's, NL

I'm speechless!! Being a nurse myself, it really hit me! Fantastic actors. So few props-loved that. Best experience of my 3 weeks here. Joy Evans, Victoria, BC

Tempting-Exceptional performance, direction and set design. I couldn't have been more impressed with creative telling of this wonderful Newfoundland history. Thank you! Sandra Miller, Calgary, AB

Tempting Providence is an AMAZING performance. Linda Freake, Corner Brook, NL

Great performance-Great drama-Great presentation of history & culture. Great use of props. Randy Pointkosk, Christmas Island, NS

Thoroughly enjoyed this very professionally done theatre. Great story, great acting, cleaver props. We'll be back! Can't wait until the 20th Anniversary line up. Monica Sampson, St. John's, NL