Who’s Darkening Our Door Tonight?

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  • Who’s Darkening Our Door Tonight? Daniel & Stephanie Payne
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July 7:  Robert Wyatt Thorne

Actor/musician Robert Wyatt Thorne, who performed for many years at TNL’s Gros Morne Theatre Festival in shows like The S.S. Ethie, Tempting Providence and Neddy Norris Night will entertain you with a wide selection of traditional Newfoundland & Labrador music, a story or two, and some classic country music. To book tickets call 1-877-243-2899.


July 21: The Sharecroppers

26 years a Newfoundland folk trio….but who’s counting! The Sharecroppers have been entertaining audiences seemingly forever and a day with their Newfoundland Cultural Experience show. Ed Humber, Guy Romaine and Mike Madigan may have all retired from teaching high school, but like to see themselves as “on the job first thing in the morning!” with their coach tour and cruise ship performances “morning, noon and night.”  Their lively music and rich Newfoundland lyrics will delight all listeners who experience our Newfoundland shores.  Now, get ready to smile, laugh, clap your hands and sing a long!!! (www.thesharecroppers.net)


July 28:  Allison Crowe

From home in Corner Brook, NL, Allison Crowe makes music loved by audiences world-wide – through recordings, concerts, films and theatre. Musical Director of TNL’s Newfoundland Vinyl – a rollicking hit show featuring popular songs of the vinyl era – Allison’s inspired by her cast and crew to draw deep from the vast and encyclopaedic sea of beautiful music that comes from, and out of, Newfoundland and Labrador. To this catch – add some tunes from her original repertoire and you’ve recipe for an exciting and fun solo concert. ( http://www.music.allisoncrowe.com )


August 4:  Daniel & Stephanie Payne

A night with Daniel & Stephanie Payne is a night of musical magic.  Join this talented Cow Head brother & sister duo as they bring you songs and tunes mined from the rich musical tradition of Newfoundland and Labrador, particularly songs they have learned from family and other elderly residents of the Great Northern Peninsula.  Daniel & Stephanie will very soon be releasing an album of traditional Newfoundland music entitled Winterside.   A professional musician for more than half of his life now, Daniel has brought the music of his home around the world, performing as far away as Japan and Australia, as well as Europe, Canada, and the US and released his first solo album, Chain, in 2008. Stephanie is an accomplished singer, songwriter and musician and most recently toured Toronto, Halifax and parts of the island with the March Hare Festival.  Between the two you’ll hear songs and stories from the old days and some originals, accompanied by fiddle, accordion, guitar, flute & whistle.


August 11: Danielle Smith

It has been a busy year for Newfoundland Native Danielle Smith.  She released her debut album Little Seeds, which has been featured on commercial radio (Q104, KROCK, CBC), charted on SCOP in Toronto, CFRC in Kingston, CILU in Thunder Bay, CKDU in Halifax, and played on campus radio across Canada.  “Little Seeds” is a record infused with the very rich aroma of authenticity.  Danielle uses her smoky, sultry voice to craft story and imagery; blending folk, country, and bluegrass into a style of her own. With Lucinda Williams and Ryan Adams two of her favoured artists, this lady is reaching for a perfect genuinely.  Danielle has spent the last decade living as a vagabond.  She began her music journey spending a few years busking on the streets of Ireland, criss-crossing Canada, and has now settled her roots in Halifax. (www.daniellesmithmusic.com, www.facebook.com/daniellesmithmusic, www.twitter.com/danismithmusic)

August 18:  Mary Barry

A native of St. John’s, Mary Barry is a bilingual singer/songwriter whose career spans three decades. She has thrilled audiences across Canada, the US and France moving easily from blues & jazz to folk and ‘chanson’. Barry just released her fifth independent recording entitled Legendary, a mix of traditional and contemporary Newfoundland music. Barry is a multiple Music NL and NL Arts & Letters award winner. She took first prize in the CBC Atlantic Song Contest and is a three-time ECMA nominee. Delighted to be returning to Who’s Darkening Our Door Tonight this year, she is accompanied by guitarist extraordinaire Charlie Barfoot.


September 4, 12, 17 & 21:  Stephanie Payne & Marquita Walsh

Stephanie and Marquita met last summer at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival. With a mutual love for traditional Newfoundland music and tradition they became fast friends and decided to keep playing music together. Since last summer they collaborated with Daniel Payne, Jonny Payne, Angie Payne, and Miranda Power on an album titled Live from Sally’s Cove.  The release of the album was followed by a tour of the west coast and some radio play. They are thrilled to be back this season as part of the Who’s Darkening Our Door Tonight series.



Getting to Cow Head

This show is part of the Gros Morne Theatre Festival. See Getting to Cow Head for directions to the Warehouse Theatre and Shallow Bay Motel.