Who’s Darkening Our Door Tonight?

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  • Who’s Darkening Our Door Tonight? Jim Payne & Fergus O’Byrne
  • Who’s Darkening Our Door Tonight? Sharecroppers
  • Who’s Darkening Our Door Tonight? Anita Best
  • Who’s Darkening Our Door Tonight? Shirley Montague
  • Who’s Darkening Our Door Tonight? Allison Crowe
  • Who’s Darkening Our Door Tonight? Daniel Payne
  • Who’s Darkening Our Door Tonight? Daniel & Stephanie Payne
  • Who’s Darkening Our Door Tonight?
  • Who’s Darkening Our Door Tonight? Marquita Walsh

June 3:  Shirley Montague & Anita Best

Anita Best performs the traditional songs and stories from her childhood, as well as ones she learned from people in outport communities around Newfoundland.  With her rich voice and warm personality she builds a marvellous bridge between old-time and contemporary Newfoundland song-making and storytelling traditions.

Shirley Montague is a singer/songwriter and is recognized as one of Newfoundland and Labrador’s foremost cultural ambassadors. She is the driving force behind the popular Trails, Tales and Tunes Festival, which is especially designed to integrate the natural beauty of the Gros Morne area with music and storytelling.

July 6:  Daniel Payne

The rosin will be flying, the bellows pumping, the strings resounding, and your heart lifting as one of Newfoundland Labrador’s brightest musicians takes you on a journey of songs and tunes mined from a rich musical tradition. Leave your worries at the door and join us for an evening of traditional dance music and ballads.  Cow Head native and internationally touring musician Daniel Payne, offers a kaleidoscope of fiddle, accordion, mandolin, wooden flute, tin whistle, guitar, and voice, as well as the sound of your own feet dancing.

July 13:  Allison Crowe

Allison Crowe’s voice, piano and guitar – online and onstage – bring joy to millions. From her Corner Brook home on this lovely isle she’s toured with Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, appeared in an Hollywood blockbuster, and, each Summer, Crowe returns to GMTF as Musical Director of “Newfoundland Vinyl”. Join Allison for a rousing concert of tunes popularized by such greats as Joan Morrissey and Eddie Eastman, plus modern classics by troubadours Gary O’Driscoll and Ron Hynes, alongside internationally-acclaimed original songs and covers of the Beatles, Leonard Cohen and more. (http://music.allisoncrowe.com)

July 20:  Daniel & Stephanie Payne

A night with Daniel & Stephanie Payne is a night of musical magic.  Join this talented Cow Head brother & sister duo as they bring you songs and tunes mined from the rich musical tradition of Newfoundland and Labrador, particularly songs they have learned from family and other elderly residents of the Great Northern Peninsula.  Daniel & Stephanie will very soon be releasing an album of traditional Newfoundland music entitled Winterside.   A professional musician for more than half of his life now, Daniel has brought the music of his home around the world, performing as far away as Japan and Australia, as well as Europe, Canada, and the US and released his first solo album, Chain, in 2008. Stephanie is an accomplished singer, songwriter and musician and most recently toured Toronto, Halifax and parts of the island with the March Hare Festival.  Between the two you’ll hear songs and stories from the old days and some originals, accompanied by fiddle, accordion, guitar, flute & whistle.

July 27:  Sharecroppers

It’s The Sharecroppers Trio’s 27th year together and 8th time performing at “Who’s Darkening our Door Tonight?”! Expect another great Newfoundland “time” this evening that will be rich in music, three part harmonies, songs and humour –and acoustic sounding too with big stand up bass, guitars, mandolin, tin whistle and harmonica. Ed Humber, Guy Romaine and Mike Madigan will give you the Newfoundland cultural experience and entertainment you are looking for! (www.thesharecroppers.net)

August 17:  Daniel Payne, Stephanie Payne & Marquita Walsh

Daniel and Stephanie adopted Marquita into their musical family three summers ago and they have been making music ever since. With a shared love of traditional music, stories, and a good laugh, a collaboration was inevitable. They have recorded an album with Johnny Payne, Angie Payne and Miranda Power and toured the west coast of Newfoundland. They are happy to return as a part of the Who’s Darkening Our Door series!

August 24:  Fergus O’Byrne & Jim Payne

Two of Newfoundland’s most respected performers combine instrumental prowess and humorous repartee, to cover a broad spectrum of Newfoundland folk culture, including songs, stories and dance tunes. Their repertoire includes rousing sea shanties and work songs, poignant ballads, comic ditties, folk tales and recitations, and toe-tapping jigs, reels and polkas on a variety of instruments.



Getting to Cow Head

This show is part of the Gros Morne Theatre Festival. See Getting to Cow Head for directions to the Warehouse Theatre and Shallow Bay Motel.