Zombie Walk

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  • Zombie Walk

Saturday, October 31 at 9pm.

All philanthropic Zombies will convene at City Hall (the West Street entrance).  We will begin by shuffling up and down West Street, lurching all along Herald Avenue to  Broadway, and coming to our final resting place in the Millbrook Mall parking lot.

Please donate one non-perishable food item to participate.  All food items will be donated to the Corner Brook Food Bank.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, contact Rachael at rachel@tnlyouth.com.


1.  All participants must be in Zombie Attire.

2.  Respect other people’s property.  Leave no mark behind.

3.  Stay off the road.  Keep to the sidewalk.

4.  Respect other people’s personal space – undead and living alike.

5.  You are responsible for your own corpse.

6.  Intended for teens and adults.  Children must be accompanied by  an adult.

7.  Have fun!

Getting to Cow Head

This show is part of the Gros Morne Theatre Festival. See Getting to Cow Head for directions to the Warehouse Theatre and Shallow Bay Motel.