Youth Theatre


TNL Sara…H McDonald Youth Theatre

Since 1979, Theatre Newfoundland Labrador’s Youth Theatre Program has created diverse, well-rounded training and performance opportunities for young people to grow as both artists and human beings. Our program seeks to strengthen essential life skills, such as focus, confidence, and communication, through the exploration of various theatre disciplines, such as acting, stagecraft, and dramatic writing. Our community-engaged, professional, and nurturing environment emphasizes the importance of team work and collaboration while still focusing on the individual to hone his or her unique gifts and greatest potential.

Youth Theatre Classes

With classes for students from Grade One, right up to Grade twelve, there is something for everyone at the Sara…H McDonald Youth Theatre. Our classes teach acting skills such as imagination, memory, text analysis, improv, and much more. All classes are taught in a fun game and activity based style, with students often working together in order to complete a game or task. Students learn about acting in our youngest classes (how to get into character, learn lines, etc) and in our older classes, Students take their first steps into new play Development (Collective Playmaking, Directing, Design). One thing is for certain, every year is filled with new fun and challenges as our students find “the art in them”

Cost $175

Film Production Class

This year, we’re embarking on a new journey in partnership with PB Productions. Our Film Production class, taught by local filmmaker Johnny McKinnon seeks to introduce students to the principles of professional filmmaking. In the past, we produced a short movie with our Film Camp. This is a more in depth look at the filmmaking process. Students will learn techniques in photography, lighting, sound, set construction, film editing, foley, prop sourcing and construction and much more. This promises to be an exciting experience for our students and a rare opportunity to learn from a Filmmaker active in the industry here in NL. This class is available to students Grade 6 and up.

Cost $200

Music Class

Our music classes are a little different than what you think of when you think “Music Class”. Our classes taught by Allison Crowe, encourage students to find the music in their own lives. In the past year, we’ve worked on our “Songs From Home” project, which saw students begin conversations with their parents about music from their own childhoods. Our music class then, arranged and recorded these songs, preserving many of these works which were never written down for the rest of time. Students in this class are encouraged to think of music as storytelling, and we dig deep into the stories of the songs we learn. With a focus on traditional Newfoundland music, Students learn about voice preparation, warm-up techniques, instrumentation (guitar, bhodran, tin whistle, spoons, etc.), music arrangement, digital recording, production and more! Music Classes are available to students Grade 6 and up.

Cost $175

Class Times

Grs 1 & 2 (Trouts):  Monday 4–5:00pm

Gr 3 & 4 (Duckies):  Wednesday 4–5:00pm

Gr 4 & 5 (Roustabouts):  Thursday 4–5:30pm

Grs 6, 7, 8 (Streels):  Monday 6–7:30pm

Grs 7 – 9 (Sleeveens):  Wednesday 6–7:30pm

Grs 10, 11, 12 (Hard Cases):  Thursday 6–7:30pm

Film Production Class (Grs 6-12):  Tuesday 4-6:00pm

Music  Class (Gr 6-12):  Sunday 6 – 7:30pm


Fees for our regular youth theatre classes are $175 per child. If a family is registering more than 1 child, the fee for each additional child is $125.

Fees for the StageCraft class are $200. A Student could enroll in both acting class and the StageCraft class for special combo price of $350.

Fees for Music class are $175 per student.  A Student could enroll in both acting class and music class for special combo price of $300.

Payment for classes is due upon registration. (If you would like to discuss other payment arrangements, please contact TNL by calling 639-7238).



Note: Classes numbers are capped at age appropriate numbers to ensure a quality educational experience for all participants. Once the maximum number of students has registered in each category, others in that grade group will be placed on a wait list.

For a copy of the Youth Theatre registration form click here.

For more information on our program call Adam @ 639 7238 or use the contact form on this page to send him a message.